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did you know...?

You get 50% MORE color when you use a lotion! We offer several different brands in a range of prices! 

dont know a lot about lotions...?

Check below for some basics, then stop in and one of our consultants can help pick the best one for you!
Twilight Teeth
"Whiten while you tan!" This easy, no mess whitening system allows you to whiten your teeth while you darken your tan! The kit also includes an LED light to whiten at home!

Types of Lotions

Natural Bronzer

Delayed Bronzer


Natural Bronzers use natural based extracts to provide immediate color to the skin that lasts 1-2 days. They are designed to encourage the tanning process and establish a base tan, and build a darker natural tan without DHA. Examples of natural bronzers: walnut extracts, caramel, henna, banana, and tea extracts.
Delayed Bronzers use DHA, which is a self-tanning agent made from sugar cane that chemically darkens the melanin in the skin to increase dark color. They are used to give an extra boost of color for faster visible results, and to keep color longer, typically 4-7 days. Delayed bronzers become visible within 2-4 hours of application.
An accelerator or intensifier has ingredients in it that hydrate your skin. The ingredients work with Melanin, which is the pigmant found in the skin. They are used to be low maintenance and, enhance the darkest pigment of the natural skin tone. There are no bronzers to darken your tan so your tan develops naturally and can be maintained longer.



FOR ADVANCED TANNERS ONLY. Tingles stimulate and increase microcirculation of the skin and create a warming sensation that will have a reddening effect that can last a few hours after tanning. A small area should always be tested before applying to to the rest of the body (do not apply to face). Tingle lotions may be mixed with a bronzer or intensifier to decrease the sensation.
Some lotions contain a cooling product, usually menthol, to counteract the heat from the bed. This ingredient doesn’t enhance or hinder your tan, but will help you remain cool while tanning and after your session. Cooling lotions may be mixed with a bronzer or intensifier to increase results.